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Moving you and your wealth

Our Vision

Our vision is for to become the leading PropTech solution and service provider for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs); a one-stop-shop for those who wish to relocate themselves and transition their wealth to a different country.

PropTech Model will be an affiliate model like Airbnb, but with:
Airbnb you RENT a room or a villa you BUY a room or a villa's challenge is to:

Economic migrants

Political migrants

Corporate migrants will be a one-stop-shop for professional services in host countries around the world, offering the following services to HNWIs:

Real estate

International law firms

Tax optimisation

Pensions transfer

Wealth management

Private banking
Private healthcare
International schools

Bespoke insurance
Bespoke accounting
Post Acquisition Living Services (PALS)

Market Need

A huge gap exists in the market for HNWIs who wish to relocate themselves and their wealth. Whether the mover is an economic, political, or corporate migrant they will want to relocate their wealth in the most tax-efficient way but will most likely not have the expertise to enable their personal and financial relocation. will service that need. Service

PropTech will facilitate the client search for a suitable property.’s affiliate model will provide access to the professional and financial services necessary to support the relocation of the client and their wealth. will continue to support the client on completion of the relocation by providing post-acquisition services through PALS. Solution

Capturing the Market

It is estimated that one million HNWIs move from country to country each year, for economic, political and corporate reasons.’s target market is therefore huge.

According to the latest Knight Frank Global House Price Index, Portugal is the best bet in terms of return on investment, seeing average property prices grow of 7.8% in the year to September 2019. Comparable growth was; France (3.2%), Spain (3.1%) and (UK 2.2%).


Property price growth


In Portugal

No one provides the one-stop-shop solution

offered by

Competitors and the Advantage

While there are no like for like competitors, there are many well established players delivering different aspects of the offering, e.g. Big 4 accountancy firms, private banks, real estate agents, relocation advice portals and solicitors. But none provide the one-stop-shop solution offered by That is’s competitive advantage.


Investment will be used to:

Create an online portal to deliver the solution and services globally.

Market to prospects and partners, to generate awareness of the solution and to build the brand globally.

The longer-term goal is to build a platform offering a myriad of professional service providers around the world.

Building a platform of professional service providers

Around the world

Portugal - Key Tax Advantages

Portugal has been chosen as the primary target immigrant market due to the huge tax advantages available.

Portugal OECD double taxation rules (NHR) and Golden Visa (CBI)

OECD double taxation rules apply to 36 countries, creating a huge potential target market. To be considered a tax resident, an individual must reside in another OECD country for six months plus one day (183 days).

Non-Habitual Residents (NHR)

Available since 2009 to all E.U. country citizens, (ex-Bulgaria, Croatia & Romania), Australia, Canada, Chile, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA.

NHR requirement: Must reside in Portugal for six months plus one day (183 days).

NHR benefits (for 10 consecutive years):

  • Foreign pension and dividend income – Zero tax

  • Inheritance Tax; if transferred to family – Zero tax

  • Gift Tax – Zero tax; if transferred to family – Zero tax

  • Wealth Tax – Virtually zero tax (0.3% above €1.2m annual threshold)

  • Remittance of Funds – Free

  • Capital Gains – Share sale gains are taxable at 28%

  • High Value Added Income (HVAI); Tax if employed in Portugal at 20%

  • (HVAI applies to Artistic, Technical, or Scientific industries) 

Golden Visa. Citizenship by Investment (CBI)

Non-OECD member country residents can benefit from Portugal’s ‘Golden Visa’ programme that is available to those who buy Portuguese real estate valued at €500,000+ (€350,000+ in urban regeneration areas), or who invest a minimum amount (starting at €250,000) in various types of Portuguese enterprise. Similar CBI schemes exist in Cyprus & Malta.

CBI requirement: Must reside in Portugal for only 7 days per annum.

CBI benefits:

Golden Visa grants a five-year temporary residence and allows the holder to:

  • Enter Portugal without a residence visa

  • Reside and work in Portugal

  • Circulate in the Schengen area without a visa

  • Benefit from whole family portability (for investor and spouse)

  • Apply for Portuguese nationality after 5 years

Between 2012 and 2019 the amount invested in Portugal via CBI is €5BN.


Execution Plan

Initially, will target HNWIs seeking to relocate from the UK to Portugal and will then target popular travel routes taken by economic, political or corporate relocators.

Emigrant target countries include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China & Hong Kong, France, India, Mexico, South Korea, Sweden and UK.

Immigrant target countries include Canada, Dubai/UAE, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, UK, and USA.

Target clients

Model Execution Plan

Client Acquisition & Revenue Generation


Client Capture:

We will focus on two distinct routes to achieve client acquisition; organic search and paid search/social.

Organic search: This route involves building a solid foundation in the search engines to attract relevant prospects through keyword-optimised content and content assets, broadcast through email and social media. Results will begin to be seen within 4 – 6 months.

Paid search and social: Relevant prospects will be targeted through paid search (Google Ads), display and remarketing, together with paid social. Results will be seen within 48 hours of set up.


Client verification:

We are speaking with several partners and currently conducting our due diligence on the different platforms available. Our chosen platform will be integrated into our new website which will be designed and built for client acquisition and lead nurturing.


Client Affiliate Services:

    Real estate
   International law firms
   Tax optimisation
   Pensions transfer
   Wealth management
   Private banking

    Private healthcare
   International schools
   Bespoke insurance
   Bespoke accounting
   Post Acquisition Living Services (PALS)


Client revenue streams:

  Percentage of Real Estate Agent’s selling fee; collected on Completion
  Percentage revenues from all affiliates; collected at end of Year-one
  Percentage of PALS revenues - Annuity income

The Post Panama World

The Panama Papers scandal has led to concerns about the security of individual personal data, and the transparency and legitimacy of offshore tax regimes. provides a legitimate opportunity for HNWIs to house their wealth in a country fo their choosing, whilst taking advantage of the myriad of transparent and tax-efficient regimes that exist.

Chris McGale
Managing Director
Tyrone Capital Partners Ltd

+44 79905 74278

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